Cameras - Panasonic AF100 - 2

180/24P, 1080/30P, 50i, 60i, slow motion. Both HD/SD capable. Many lenses available..


Sony NEX Cams - 2

1080/30P, 50i, 60i, slow motion. Both HD/SD capable.


(Wanna go old school?)

JVC Gy-HD100 - 2

720/24p, 720/30P, Plus Standard Definition if you really need it!


GoPros - 3



Senheiser G2's & G3's


Many condenser mics and booms



Soft boxes, tons of various lights for any occasion.


Pop up green screen



Don't see what you're looking for? Give us a shout, (The Big Number)  chances are we probably have it, or we'll get it for your next project.. The equipment we use to shoot our successful TV series "Extreme Auto Hunters" is the same equipment we'll bring to your production regardless of how large or small it is.




As a client of Dashboard Productions, we know that you want stunning video, polished audio, and that your prodution is a direct extension of your vision and beliefs. Our professionals have big ears and little mouths, Meaning our successes depend upon your happiness. We are relentless in our journey to take you there. Our staff is polite, well-rounded, and most of all experts in the field of production.


Want us to handle it?

Many clients look to Dashboard Productions for more then just showing up to shoot stunning video. Dashboard CEO Bill Brown spent 10 years running and owning a highly successful advertising agency & consulting firm. We help you with ideas, conceptions, realizations to completion. If you're looking for commercial advertising help, you'll know right away that you've made the right choice with Dashboard Productions.


The question you have to ask yourself is simply, "is your production company fast, inexpensive, and do they give you the wow factor?" If not, contact Dashboard Productions today. Just call the big number...

Everyone has to start somewhere! It's hard to make it in the national television and film .


Commercial Production

Equipment List:

world. We've done it, and we can help you provided you have a great idea or concept We're available to help up and coming production companies to bring their ideas to life.We love to give advice or assist others in realizing their dream. We believe that it is a chicken egg philosophy. In order to get a show picked up nationally, you have to be somebody. And you can't be a somebody until you get a show picked up nationally? Hmmmmmmmm.....Starting to see a problem here? We thought so. Teaming up with a world-class production company like Dashboard Productions could help your idea get seen, and picked up! We can help you with ideas, production, crews, and much much more. Give us a call to discuss. Just call the big number!


TV & Film Production


DashBoard Productions

Film & Broadcast Company





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