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Dashboard Productions is a proud user of Adobe products in the edit bay. We also have, and  can use final cut, however, the Adobe system is seemless, allowing you to go from program to program without interuption. Our editors are some of the most experienced people on the planet. From national television shows to feature films, commercials, music videos, animations and everything in between. Regardless of how good the production is, the true magic of a production is created in the edit bay. Contact Dashboard Productions today for a complete listing of HD and SD editing work. 712-790-6999


Dashboard Productions also has top of the line audio equipment in our editing facility. We use  Alesis monitors, Alesis power amps, cubase 7.5 as well as Adobe Audition to get your edits up to broadcast specs.  We also have a host of Steniberg products as well as many professional audio plugins such as CLA compressors, JL Reel to Reel, Special inboard and outboard eq's, and many noise reduction systems and gates. When the audio is bad, your production suffers, we can take the haslsle of your audio quickly and professionally.