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Welcome to one of the coolest places on earth. Dashboard Productions recording and production studios... Whether it's for professional voice overs, or custom designed music to fit your commercial or personal needs, we have the engineers, studio musicians, singers and everything in between. If you looking for a hot new jingle for your business, you've come to the right place. We can turn your jingle within 36 hours, and there's no obligation to keep it until you are completely satisfied. Looking to create that next big song? Our music producers can guide you all the way through conception to completion. Our experience is vast and we strive to be on the cutting edge of today's new sound. Give us a shout, we'll be glad to give you a no hassle quote and get you going fast!




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------------------------------------------------------------------Some Fun Samples of Our Work----------------------------------------------------------------------

Client: Payton Schenkelberg: Singer


Objective: Payton wanted to produce her very first song. Payton likes dance music, so we got together and created this new song entitled "Run and Hide". Music producer Bill Brown wrote and lyrics, creating the music and it turned out great! Payton is super happy and excited about the song.... Click the play button to listen..

Dashboard Executive Producer/President Bill Brown


With over 25 years of music creation and playing live in a rock/pop band Brown enjoys creating songs for artists. This song is a brand new song that will be sung soon. It's called "Just a Memory" Be on the watch out for it!

Client: Alison Bagley


Objective: Alison loves pop music. She loves many genrers however she wanted something that popped. With her higher vocal range, we put together something fun and cute, and Alison loved it!  Once again, just push play and enjoy!

Diversity is the true spice of life!


A remix? What's that? A remix is a song that you get the vocals and completely re-do all the instrumentation. Brown had a good time playing all the instruments on this one!