Dashboard Productions finishes first season of Extreme Auto Hunters on Velocity/Viasat Denmark/Discovery Pacific


We caught up with Dashboard Production show creator/Executive Producer Bill Brown to talk about the season: "I'm extremely pleased with the production  but want to continually make our shows better." said Brown. "Each and every production you do, you learn something valuable to take with you to the next piece of work. There were many challenges that faced us during the taping of the show. Lighting was always and issue going inside to outside vice versa on a moment's notice. As each episode was taped, I feel we had a better handle on adapting to it.  We also wanted the show  to have a better look, but due to lack of communication between us, our distributor and the lab, that didn't happen. There are some checks and balances that we've now put in the place that should make our next production much better. Also, when you produce a car show, audio can be a nightmare. Your crew has to always be ready to adjust audio with the starting a muscle car, etc.. I feel we did a decent job with audio. Working with Velocity was a good experience. This is our second series  that we've delivered to them, and their team couldn't be better. Velocity is a great up and coming network with a lot of good things going for it."


"Throughout shooting the season,  we had a great time with our cast and crew and tried to keep the set pretty light. It was

always my intention to help build humor into the show while giving the audience a chance to see some pretty rare cars. The response from viewers was very positive. At this point we're currently looking at our options for season 2.

Documentary "Still In The Fight" selling on Amazon. All sales are going to military charities....


Dashboard Productions collaboration with Orange Street Films, and the David Long family to produce a beautiful documentary about two U.S. Marines and a Navy SEAL who were severely injured on the battlefield and their positive recovery process continues to sell on Amazon. Back in 2012  all parties in a group decision made the move to give 100% of all proceeds back to four military charities. One of those charities (The Fisher House) is very near and dear to Still In The Fight Creator Bill Brown. Here's what Brown had to say: "Spending four years in the Marine Corps myself" said Brown, "I see how important the Fisher House is for families of the wounded. Families who have a son or daughter get wounded on the battlefield didn't plan for this, and the Fisher House is vital to assisting them with housing, transportation, and many other facets that can be overlooked and put a huge financial burden on Mom's and Dad's who just want to be with their injured son or daughter. I can't thank David Long and his f family enough for making this film a reality. In a discussion between David and I, we both came to the agreement that if one military life could be saved from suicide by this film, the time, talent, and monies that it took to create would all be worth it!"

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